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Convert Videos To A Format & Resolution Supported By Your Apple Or Android Device

Gone are the days when there was only a single CD or DVD player in the house, which allowed you to watch movies on TV. Today, almost everyone has their own portable device which can play movies, songs, open documents and do pretty much everything. However there’s a catch; all the devices have their own video format that can be played. The world famous Apple & Android devices also have certain limitations when it comes to playing videos. Apple devices require different formats and resolutions for each device, while the Android devices have different screen sizes and supported resolutions. Today, we are reviewing two applications from the same developer, called Apple Video Converter Box and Android Video Converter Box, which allow you to easily convert video files to Apple and Android specific formats and resolutions in a quick way. Read on to find out how to use Apple Video Converter Box and Android Video Converter Box.

Both the applications are very similar in their functionality and settings. The only thing different is the number and type of formats that they can convert the video file in to. When you run the Android Video Converter Box application, an information window pops up, which shows the compatibility between, all formats included in the program, and the list of Android devices that support these formats. Supported devices are listed in front of each format that can be selected for conversion. The program supports a wide number of resolutions ranging from 320 x 240 to 1280 x 800.


The Android Video Converter Box allows you to convert the video in resolutions ranging from 320 x 320 to 1280 x 800. To convert a file, simply drag and drop it into the main interface of the application and choose the required resolution. The video file will be instantly converted and saved in your hard drive.

Android Video Converter Box

The Apple Video Converter Box works exactly the same manner as Android Video Converter Box. Just drag and drop the file in the main interface, and select the device that you want to play the file on. It allows you to perform conversion for playing the video on iPad, iPhone 4/ 4S, iPhone 2G/ 3G/ 3GS, Apple TV, iPod Classic Nano, iPod touch, iPod touch 1/ 2/ 3G and iPod 5/ 6/ 6.5.

Apple Video Converter Box

Apple Video Converter Box and Android Video Converter Box work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Apple & Android Video Converter Box

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