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Create And Edit Bookmarks In PDF Files with JPdBookmarks

Bookmarks in PDF files greatly assist users in navigating through a long document, one can easily select an included chapter, a topic, bibliography, or jump over to references without having to search through the whole document. JPdBookmarks is a java-based application which has been written to offer ease in creating & editing bookmarks contained in your PDF document. It comes useful in instances when you feel like adding a new bookmark or changing the titles, bookmark hierarchy or target location of an existing bookmark.

The application comes in both GUI and CLI mode, both modes can be used to perform the primary functionality, however, GUI mode incorporates some complementary features while letting you change; width & height of page, bookmarks appearance, rulers, bookmarks hierarchy, and so on.

It is to be noted here that the application itself can’t render a PDF file, i.e you will not be able to view PDF document in an absence of pre-installed PDF reader (Adobe PDF reader/ Sumatra, etc.). First off, you need to specify the PDF file to create/edit bookmarks. Once the file is imported, you will see all the bookmarks listed in left sidebar while main window shows the main document content.

As exhibited in the screenshot, the left sidebar contains bookmark editing options, you can change the font weight, create a hierarchy of bookmarks by adding a parent/child node, change font color of bookmark title, etc. A right-click on bookmark item offers more options to manipulate the bookmark, here you can add/delete/rename the bookmark, add a web & file bookmark, set destination, and specify actions to be performed when bookmark item is clicked.


On the main toolbar, there are extensive options lying to take further control over bookmark items, as said beforehand, you can also change the viewing dimensions, here you will find options to set preview size, zoom options, copy current view to clipboard, load an existing set of bookmarks, etc.

You can also change the look & feel of its UI from Window menu, however for changing application general settings, from Tools menu, click Options. It lets user change some basic application-specific behaviors, like,  charset encoding method and value separators. Toolbar manager is also provided to unclutter the toolbar and keep only those options which you will be using frequently.

JPdfBookmarks options

We’ve successfully tested the application on Windows 7 x86 system, it works as intended without showing any problems or slowing down. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, provided you have latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed.

Download JPdBookmarks


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