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Desktop Slider: Create Multiple Workspaces & Slide Windows Across The Screen

Although Windows 7 has Aero Snap feature to quickly adjust two opened application windows on the screen, it doesn’t automatically move them when you drag an application window. This compels users to use third-party application windows adjustment utilities such as Asus Multiframe Utility, WindyWinSplit Revolution etc., to quickly arrange opened windows on screen. Desktop Slider is built to slide opened windows across the screen, allowing you to not only focus on currently active window but also snap them to screen borders. What makes it unique from other application window managers is its ability to create infinite workspaces; you select the window and drag it across the screen to start working on other applications. You can view all open windows or select only active one using a hotkey combination. Moreover, it also let you hide the application windows; using the slider feature, you can keep selected application windows at required side of the screen and focus on only important ones.

Desktop Slider is a portable application that operates from system tray. It registers mouse middle-click to slide the active window, but you can assign left button, right button with Shift and Control key to trigger the window slider feature. Just open the Options from system tray menu and change the default Active mouse button. Additionally, you can adjust & enable/disable Snap to borders feature and set mouse sensitivity. The application also sets Win+C hotkey for quickly changing the focus to selected window.

desktop slider options

When all settings are in place, use the trigger key on application window to move all the opened windows at required side of the screen. If Snap to borders feature is enabled, windows will be snapped to borders when you drag them to edge of the screen. You can either click the system tray icon or use shortcut key (Win+C) to focus the currently active window. However, it must be noted that it only re-positions the active window without changing changing its size.

The screencast below will help you better understand the application usage.

Desktop Slider is a neat, little application window slider that lets you create multiple workspaces to efficiently manage all opened apps. During testing, we noticed that it doesn’t work with all applications, such as Google Talk. However, it works without throwing any exceptions and errors. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Desktop Slider


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