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Create Screencasts And Upload Them Directly To YouTube [Windows]

Screencasting tools are either expensive or they are terribly limited when it comes to recording time. Free apps are rare to come by and often they will be low on features if they aren’t limiting the length of the video or adding a watermark. TinyTake is a free app for Windows that, among many other things, lets you record a screencast upto 120 minutes (that’s two hours, folks!). The catch? You start out with a five minute limit and can unlock longer recording lengths by sharing the app with a friend. Share it with 75 people and you unlock the 120 minute length. Once you’ve recorded a video, you can save it or upload it directly to YouTube. The video is automatically uploaded to TinyTake’s servers when you save it and you can share a link to the video or download it to your local drive.

Launch the app and sign up for an account. As stated earlier, TinyTake has a lot of tricks up its sleeves. In addition to recording screencasts, the app can also record a video via your laptop’s webcam, capture and annotate screenshots, and even let you upload and share files. To record a screencast, select the Capture video option.


Define the recording area on your screen and then click ‘Start Recording’. TinyTake lets you record a voice-over as you record your video but if you want to mute all sound when recording the screencast, mute the mic.


You can pause the video and resume recording it. When you’re finished, click Stop and then choose how you want to save it. Click ‘Save to save a local copy and upload it to the app’s own servers. Click YouTube to upload the video directly to YouTube. You will have to sign in to your Gmail account and grant TinyTake permission to upload videos via your account.


When you upload a video, a link to it is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can revisit all the videos, screenshots, and files you’ve uploaded from the app’s interface. It has separate tabs for videos, screenshots, and other files.


TinyTake is big on hotkeys and you can edit them to suit your own needs. Go to the app’s setting and under the Hot-Keys tab modify the hotkey presets.


TinyTake is several tricks in one bag and is easily one of the richer product offerings you will find. It is slow when you do a cold-start which means you should keep the app running or have it start when you boot your system. It also has a bit of an unrealistic way for users to get more recording time. Sharing an app to get more space isn’t novel, TunnelBear and Dropbox do so with great success but sharing an app with 75 people is a bit much.

Install TinyTake For Windows

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