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Create Your Cloud Storage Or Use Amazon S3 Storage With Unilium

Unilium offers a cloud storage based safeguard to help users in protecting precious data files. The idea behind is to let user create independent cloud and to address online cloud storage limitations by offering an intuitive mechanism in which files and folders can be safeguarded on different storage planes.

It let users create their own cloud storage on disks and USB devices with an option of using online cloud storage (Amazon) as well. You can select the type of data to be saved on cloud storage, for instance, storing one hefty video file on an online cloud can be expensive and relatively slow, you can also choose whether to upload to cloud storage or save on local cloud based volumes.

It support S3 regions and RRS (Reduced Redundancy Storage). Since Amazon offers RRS support, with Unilium configured for Amazon, you will be able to move specific type of content to Amazon cloud for just $0.10/GB.

To begin, launch Unilium Volume Library and create Volume (specify folder path) for each type of content (it’s not mandatory but recommended).

Unilium Volume Library

Once all volumes are listed, double-click to open any volume storage. You can view all the previously saved content in the volume/selected folder. It also lets you add a set of files which are relevant to the volume content type.

Under Volume menu, you have options for retrieving the content from cloud, saving changes made, and syncing the revisions (if any) along with two storage options.

add files1

These storage options are – View storage location and Add volume storage. The Add volume storage option will let you add either a local folder as storage/backup location or Amazon S3 account to save the important content online. All that is required is to properly configure the Amazon account and fill out all the required information.

add account

Furthermore, it comes with an option to compress the volumes, from Options, you can enable the compression option and enable cache-specific options. There are three cache options available with respective descriptions as shown in the screenshot below.


While it offers both local and online storage (Amazon) options, users can change storage platform anytime according to their needs. It runs Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Unilium (Update: No longer seems to be available)

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