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Desktop Google Music Player – Listen To Your Favorite Music Tracks

Don’t want the fuss of having to open Google Music web app every time you want to change the track or switch between playlists? Google Music Player is an open source desktop player for Google Music service, which lets you play and navigate between tracks without having to bring up Google Music webpage on front. Along with a smart on-screen music player, it also offers Google Music Web UI to shuffle track listings, rate tracks, view tracks by genre, artist, etc.

The application works from system tray. By default, the mini player is hidden, nevertheless, you can show it from system tray menu. After logging in with your Google account credentials, enable Show Miniplayer When Hidden option from the system tray menu.

google music player

When you minimize the Web interface, you will see a small player on your screen. This player is however not extensible in terms of size but can be placed at any corner of the screen. You can open the Google Music website by double-clicking its system menu icon.

google music web 2

To capture Browser keys, you need to enable respective option from Settings and then restart the application. Google Music Player is an open source application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Google Music Player


  1. Great app.  If you could add in the thumbs up and thumbs down to mini player that would finish it off for me.

  2. What we need now just to this experience is desttop Google movie player and some for books and maybe app and game

  3. This is a real nice little app, but I needed to reinstall my computer, and now this app is not working, it is always asking to install the flash player, but it won’t let me do so?

    Any thoughts?

  4. Wow, I definitely didn’t expect anybody posting links to this. Thanks very much and let us know if you have any feedback on the CodePlex page.

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