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DevManView – Windows 7 Device Manager Alternative

The Windows Device Manager is basically a Control Panel applet that lists down all the hardware attached to the system, and shows useful information about their IRQ ranges, driver version, driver type etc. Using this applet, one can easily temporarily disable any attached hardware, update its driver,  and permanently remove it from the list. If you’re tired of the same old Device Manager which is now even included in the latest Windows 7, and looking for a simple standalone device manager, have a look at DevManView. Developed by NirSoft, it displays all devices and their properties in a simple list view. It is organized like a table where you can see each and every hardware device property.

DevManView main

It is much more than simple an alternative, since it can also help network administrators by allowing them to see the list of devices on other computers on the network. The properties of devices that are shown in the table are manufacturer, service, device type code, device type name, device instance id, location, capabilities, config flags, device registry time, driver description, driver version, .inf file, .inf section, driver date, and driver registry time.

You can disable or enable the driver by hitting their respective buttons and also open them in Windows Registry. You can also choose to view non plug-in-play drivers from Options.

Download DevManView

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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