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Disable Autorun For Removable Media In Windows 7

Most malware applications spread because of the Autorun feature, which automatically executes a file mentioned in the autorun.inf file located at the root of any removable device like USB. Also, the Open folder to view files option can be easily used to run any unwanted file or executable, and thus in this way there is a risk of your computer getting infected.If an Autorun script includes some malicious code to gain administrative privileges of the system, it may not only damage the OS, but also delete your personal files and folders. It is recommended to disable auttorun behavior for USB drives / external hard disks to prevent system from such harmful attacks. In this post, we will guide you through the process of disabling Autorun behavior in both Windows 7.

All you need to do is to launch the Run dialogue box by pressing Win + R, then type Gpedit.msc and press Enter.


The Local Group Policy Editor will be launched.

Local Group Policy

Now navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.

Local Group Policy Editor Auto Play

Locate the Turn off Autoplay option, then right click it and choose the Edit option.

Turn off autoplay

On the next step, click the Enabled option.

Enable Turn off

Click the Apply button to complete the configuration. Make sure to select All drives from the drop down menu of the Turn off Autoplay on option,to disable Autorun on all drives. Enjoy!


  1. I didn’t see anyone mention that the title of this article reads “Disable Autorun…” while the directions instruct you how to disable ‘Autoplay’, which is a different feature. To avoid adding a link in this comment, try searching “autoplay and autorun” on the microsoft support site for an explanation of the difference.

    There are a lot of posts for disabling Autoplay in Windows 7, but not Autorun.

  2. Thanks man…
    i found something else..i finished your tutorial ad plug in mu usb drive..and autorun appeared again and than i went to control panel to deactivate all autorun options.

    my question is: Did i really turn off my auto run options because it was still on when i finished this tutorial?

    Thanks in advance…

  3. It don’t work in Windows 7 Home Premium. Do you pathetic creatures not test the stuff you recommend. Guess what, I won’t waste time visiting this crap site again. Pass that on to your advertisers.

    • well if it doesnt work for you that’s mean ur the only idiot around here..
      if u read this post and tried it, means that u dont know how to do it…

  4. i m using windows 7 but i cant open group policy. i followed the given rules. but it don’t work. at first i press the winkey +R. then a little window open. i wrote Gpedit.msc and press Enter. when i press the Enter it geve me a message as “Windows Cannot find ‘Gpedit.msc’.Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.”

  5. Thanks for the detailed step-by-step instruction and screenshots.

    One more step towards a safer Windows 7 computing. Complementing DEP, SEHOP, LUA, AppLocker, AntiVir resident AV and a couple of on-demand malware scanners.

  6. m very interest and happy about this advise thank u so much on this site.

    Hope u success all time can can post all everything that student and all of people have some problem relate of this like me.
    best regards

  7. GPEDIT is not present in Home editions.
    But what GPEDIT does is simply edit the registry.
    In the following link you will find how to do this on the registry

  8. I can't find it either. From my understanding Gpedit.msc was only found in the Professional or higher version of XP. So it will be very likely not available to Home Premium users of Win 7 and Vista.

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