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How to disable game bar suggestions on Windows 10

Broadcasting game play from your desktop has become a thing now. Twitch is practically built on a need to broadcast and view game play. YouTube tired to copy it but with little success. Microsoft is no different however, it doesn’t try to rival Twitch. Instead, it added the Game Bar which allows users to broadcast and screenshot games. The Game bar doesn’t open on its own however when you open a game, it often shows you tips or suggestions. If you find them annoying, you can disable game bar suggestions from its settings. Here’s how.

Disable game bar suggestions

On your desktop, tap the Win+G keyboard shortcut. This will open the Game Bar. In some cases, the Game bar doesn’t appear on the desktop. This is a bug so if it doesn’t appear, open a game or any other app that you’ve set to be recognized as a game. Tap the Win+G keyboard shortcut and bring up the Game Bar.

At the very right, there’s a cog wheel button. Click it to go to the Game Bar’s settings.

On the General tab, you will see an option ‘Show tips when I start a game’, and it will be enabled. Disable it, and you will no longer see game bar suggestions when you open a game.

This setting applies to all games and all apps that you’ve set to be recognized as a game. If you disable it, the game suggestions will stop appearing for all games.

The Game bar is still going to work. Disabling the suggestions doesn’t disable anything else related to the Game Bar. You will still be able to use it to take screenshots, record game play, and even broadcast from your desktop if you want to.

The Game bar suggestions should have any option to be turned off right there. To the average user, the suggestions might seem like a splash screen for the Game Bar and they may think the Game Bar has to be turned off in order to get rid of it. The good thing about these suggestions is that they only appear when you launch a game. Most games take a few seconds to load so by the time you’re on the main menu for a game, it’s highly likely that the suggestions have already disappeared. These suggestions do not repeat themselves while you have the same game session open and they never appear when you’re playing a game.

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