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Disable Programs From Windows 7 & Vista Startup

You know what is frustrating? When an app will add itself to the Windows startup list without even asking the user. To remove it, one has to follow the procedures given here or use MSConfig Cleanup Utility to permanently disable application’s startup behavior. Disable Startup is a free tool for Windows that prevents any programs from adding itself to the startup list. When a program tries to add itself to the list, it will show you a warning message. If you don’t want to see the warning message, you can change the options from its configuration console.

The configuration window includes general options, current Windows Startup programs, and current IE Start Pages. From main window, you can change application-related settings. It lets you set the app to show notification when a program attempts to add itself to Windows Startup, disable the notification. and allow all new startups. Similarly, you can configure settings for Internet Explorer start pages. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the Windows Startup list after every specified amount of time, for new startup items.

Disable Startup

Additionally, it can also be used to manage current windows startup entries.

manage windows startup

Apart from disabling any program from adding itself to the startup list, it also disables any program from making changes to your Internet Explorer Start Page.

Download Disable Startup

It is a nifty little utility which sits in the system tray and takes only 2.7MB of system memory. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Enjoy!


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