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Disable Touchpad To Prevent Accidental Clicks When Typing On Notebook

Laptop Touchpads can be a blessing or a curse depending on whom you ask. I know many who refuse to use laptop touchpads because they find it annoying, be it accidental clicks, wrong clicks, or simply difficult to use. Touchpads are something laptop reviewers always jump at because it forms the important part of the whole functionality. One of the biggest annoyance users have to face are accidental clicks when they are typing. The problem can get out of hand particulary if you’re pressed for space on your work desk. With me personally it has happened multiple times – once while composing an email, I accidentally closed the browser window.

The best touchpads I have used so far is that of Macbook, both Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, but even then you cannot disable the touchpad automatically when typing. There are some laptop manufacturers who have built an option in the touch pad to disable it, making it easier to type but enabling and disabling it multiple times can itself be tedious, especially when you have a lot of typing to do.

Touchpad Blocker is not exactly a new application for us, but offers a better level of customizability and options when compared to previously reviewed TouchFreeze. It can block accidental taps and clicks depending on a user-defined threshold in milliseconds (default is 300), it can beep when click is blocked, and finally supports hotkey for switch blocker.

Touchpad Blocker

Being a simple and straightforward application, one wonders why it is not portable. Not being portable is probably the one and biggest downside of this useful program. Having said that, we believe it is quite better in terms of functionality than what TouchFreeze offers.

Download Touchpad Blocker

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