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Discover New & Top Rated Apps On Windows 8 Store With Great Windows Apps

The Windows Store is a relatively new addition to the list of official app markets for platforms. For Android, we have the Google Play Store, while iOS users have the iTunes App Store. The number of apps in each of these stores is in hundreds of thousands and it is not humanly possible to go through all of them. If you know the name of the app, you can use the search function, but when you don’t know the app name and just want to look for some good apps, app discovery engines with categorization can come handy. Great Windows Apps lets you easily view the new releases and top rated apps in the Windows Store. In addition, you can view top-rated developers and check out all their work.

Third-party app discovery platforms such as AppBrain and App Shopper have been popular on other platforms for helping users to easily find great apps. Since the Windows Store is relatively new, the number of apps available isn’t as huge as in Android and iOS, but new apps are coming out at a very steady pace, and Great Windows App can help you keep up.

A significant advantage of using Great Windows Apps is that it lets you overcome the regional restrictions problem. In Windows Store, apps are displayed according to the location that you have selected in Windows Region and Language settings. We ran into some cases where our readers complained about not being able to find an app that we reviewed, and the culprit turned out to be region restrictions. Using Great Windows Apps, you can view all the latest and top-rated releases without any type of location filter coming in the way.

In order to get the app, go to Windows Store and search for ‘great windows apps’. Select the tile titled ‘Great Windows Apps’ from the search results to access its main page.

Great Windows Apps Store Search

Once there, click the Install button to download and install the app to your Windows 8 or Windows RT device.

Great Windows Apps Store Main

The main interface of the app displays Modern UI apps grouped into different catalogues such as True Top Rated, True New Releases, Top Developers. And then there are the categories including Games, Social, Entertainment, Photo etc. if you are on the lookout for apps of a particular genre.

Great Windows Apps Main

Clicking the title of each catalogue or category takes you to its own page. For instance if you choose True New Releases, all the apps recently added to the market will be displayed to you. In the New Releases view, the apps are sorted according to their upload date and time.

Great Windows Apps Categories

When going through a category, you can filter only specific types of apps using the drop down menus available at the top, which makes finding the right apps even easier.

Great Windows Apps Sort

Clicking the Download button available on the main page of an app takes you directly to its Windows Store page. You can easily download and install the required app from there just the way you would install any app after manually searching for it there.

Great Windows Apps Download

We have noticed one issue with Great Windows Apps: its interface does not scale properly on screens with resolutions higher than 1366 x 768, but works perfectly on this resolution. Best Windows Apps works on Windows RT and both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Get Best Windows Apps from Windows Store

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