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Downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise To Ultimate, Professional Or Home Premium Edition

So you have a PC running Windows 7 enterprise edition that you want to use for your personal, daily usage? Let’s face it – the enterprise edition of Windows 7 OS is powerful and robust, but it is really not very friendly or useful to a home user. On the other hand, Windows 7 Ultimate may turn out to be the perfect choice for you. Or perhaps you want Home Premium for your wife, or your parents?

While it is very easy to upgrade Windows 7, downgrading is not that easy. In fact, downgrading to an earlier/lower version would mean an entire fresh installation (which also means re-formatting your primary drive), which is definitely not very convenient. Hence, Windows 7 Downgrader comes to rescue.


This small portable tool is as simple to use as you can imagine. Simply run the program on Windows 7 Enterprise edition and select the version you want to downgrade to. Next, insert your Windows installation disk, select ‘Upgrade’ and your Windows 7 Enterprise will be downgraded to the version you have specified. Simple and efficient!

Download Windows 7 Downgrader

Author’s Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot use this program to upgrade any version of Windows 7 (like moving from Home Premium to Ultimate etc). It can only be used to downgrade from Windows 7 Enterprise to any other version of Windows 7.


  1. Doesn’t work. I get “Windows 7 Enterprise cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium”. Bummer, I have to buy new copies of Word & Photoshop – now I understand the hackers …

  2. wonderful tool , will it work if i want to downgrade from ultima to home basic and would i still keep my language packs ?

  3. If I use this on a windows 7 enterprise, will I then be able to use windows 7 ultimate oem for system builders w/o reinstalling?

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