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Download Free Panda Internet Security 2010 On 22nd October

It seems as if October is a month for giveaways. Many software developers are giving away their products for free in anticipation of Windows 7 launch, and the latest to do so is Panda. They are giving away 1 year license of their antivirus software called Panda Internet Security 2010 on 22nd October, which is either tomorrow or today depending on when you read this post ;).

Panda Internet Security 2010 Why 22nd October? Because it is a day when Microsoft launches Windows 7 to the public worldwide. Here is what they have to say:

As you know, The Windows 7 launch is October 22, 2009. You’re making an investment in updating your operating system, this says some things about you: you’re smart, computer savvy and interested in staying up-to-date. But due to your recent purchase, your wallet might consequently be a little lighter, too.

Not to worry! Everyone remotely related to the tech industry is taking advantage of this marketable launch party by giving away free stuff. Not that we can blame them—we are too. But our stuff is free-er than free: Panda Security is the free-er-est of them all.

So head over to their promotional page below and download Panda Internet Security 2010. They have a countdown running, so you will know when to grab the copy.

The antivirus is fully compatible with Windows 7. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Try sharing this post with family and friends so that everyone can equally benefit from this offer.


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