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Dropboxifier Makes Applications Read / Write Data From Dropbox Automatically

Droboxifier is a portable application that streamlines the process of creating symbolic links of added folders to Dropbox. It can make applications read and write directly from Dropbox which can provide the utility of placing and accessing saved games, profile information, etc via a symbolic link. In other words you can make applications read and write the same data on multiple computers from Dropbox. For example, you can save your game progress and allow the game to automatically read the progress file from Dropbox on another computer (or the same PC). Just add a link on one machine and then resolve the link on another machine so that Dropboxifier can link folders.

First, choose your Dropbox folder, give a name to the file you wish to link and select its path from the appropriate directory and click Dropboxify. You can check the Delete Dropboxed Folder option to remove the folder that is copied to Dropbox.

Dropboxifier by DG - v0.1.3

This will create a symbolic link for your directories. To access this data from another computer, run Dropboxifier and select your Dropbox folder location from the top most option. This will automatically pick the Dropboxifier saved data. The unresolved files will appear in red color. Select this file and click Resolve.


This will provide with an option to merge the source directory with Dropbox (Merge button), overwrite Dropbox files with from the selected directory (Overwrite) or you can choose the Delete and Link option deletes the selected folder and create a link directly to Dropbox. The former can be useful as the data saved by Dropboxifier is saved as an XML file.


It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have .Net Framework 4.0 installed.

Download Dropboxifier


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