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Easy Way To Restore And Keep Desktop Icon Layout In Windows

The desktop is perhaps the most used and relied-upon location, we use it for temporarily storing documents, images, and so on, keeping track of things, fill it with soon-to-be-needed or frequently accessed data. Organization freaks like myself take advantage of the desktop by keeping icons in carefully mapped places. For example, I prefer to keep application shortcuts aligned with the left border of my desktop, while documents and images go alongside the right end. Most frequently accessed apps are hanging close to the top.

Editor’s Note: This post is for those users who do not prefer using Fences because they have a low-end computer, such as netbooks.

I rely on this configuration a lot, because I can tell where which icon is. Many a times it happens, however, that some application would cause Windows to ‘refresh’ this configuration, and realign all the icons in one place (auto-align). This can be really frustrating, because most of the times it happens when display is switched from an external one to the laptop’s own LCD, whose resolution is different.

Icon Configuration Utility is a free tool that saves the current icon configuration, and restores it back in the event of change. It can hold multiple configurations and the user can load whichever he/she wants.


Simply save the configuration as you want it to stay. Next time the layout is disturbed and you want to go back, select the desired configuration and load it. Icons are instantly restored back to their old positions. Simple and easy.

This portable tool works with all versions of Microsoft Windows above XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Icon Configuration Utility

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