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Preme For Windows 7 Brings Awesome Enhancements

Windows 7 is beyond question a great operating system, and the ease of use it brings over the previous Microsoft offerings is far superior to its competitors. Still, what if life with Windows 7 could be made even easier? What if mouse gestures could be used to bring more fluidity to how you perform your tasks with the OS?

Preme for Window 7 is a portable, tiny program that does exactly this: making life easier when using Windows 7.


The window above is all that Preme has in the name of an interface. When ‘installed’, the program actually copies itself to the startup folder so that it can silently run in the system tray and bring all those features that it promises. Using Preme, moving mouse to certain areas of your desktop can trigger certain actions, for example, moving the arrow to the upper right corner of your screen would trigger the Aero Flip 3D program switcher, or you can activate the start menu just by pointing the cursor to the start orb. You can enable or disable individual features as per your liking.

Preme is a free, portable utility developed only for Windows 7, our testing was done on 32-bit OS.

Download Preme for Windows 7


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