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Extend, Add Jump List, And Merge All Windows Recycle Bin Into One

RecycleBinEx is an ultimate tool and add-in for the Windows Recycle Bin. It adds context-menu support, filtering, grouping, jump list support in Windows 7, command line, and task scheme support. Best of all, it merges all Windows Recycle Bin into one.

Suppose you have both Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on your system, removing items from Windows XP’s Recycle Bin will not effect items in Windows 7’s Recycle Bin and vice versa. RecycleBinEx wants to change all that by merging all Recycle Bins into one so that it can be easily managed no matter which version of OS you are using. Sounds awesome, right?

It doesn’t end here. Users can choose to remove items that are specific days old, such as 2 days, 7 days, 15 days, a month, and so on. They can also choose to clear Recycle Bin by drive, for e.g, you can clear all items that were moved to Recycle Bin from Drive C.



Personally, I haven’t used Recycle Bin in a long time since using Shift+Del hotkey directly deletes the file without moving it to the Recycle Bin. Those who prefer moving deleted files to Recycle Bin and use it daily, this is a killer tool that will surely make it easier to manage the items.

Extra Note: Keep in mind that you need to pin RecycleBinEx to the Windows 7 taskbar and then right-click it to view jump list. You do NOT have to pin the original Recycle Bin since it gets pinned to Windows Explorer by default.

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  • You wrote “Ctrl+Del” in the last but one paragraph, but it’s “Shift+Del”.