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How to join a FaceTime call on Windows 10

Getting FaceTime on Windows 10 is next to impossible. Apple has made the service exclusive to its own devices however, as of its most recent macOS update, macOS Monterey, users on a Windows 10 system can join a FaceTime call as easily as they can join a Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams call. 

Join FaceTime call on Windows 10

A FaceTime call cannot be initiated on a Windows 10 system. It must be started on a Mac or an iPhone. Much like Google Meet and Zoom, FaceTime on macOS 12 and iOS 15 can create a link to a call. This link can be shared with anyone, and they can join the call from a modern browser.

Create FaceTime call

The link to a FaceTime call can be created on both macOS and iOS.

On iOS;

  1. Open the FaceTime app.
  2. Tap the Create Link button.
  3. Copy the link and share it with everyone you want to invite to the call.
  4. Tap the link in the FaceTime app to start the call.

On macOS;

  1. Open FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Click the Create link button.
  3. Share the link with everyone you want to invite to the call.
  4. Click the link to start the call.

Join FaceTime call on Windows 10

You must have a link to the FaceTime call that you want to join.

  1. Click the FaceTime call link.
  2. Enter your name and click Continue.
  3. Your browser will ask for permission to use the mic and the camera on your computer.
  4. Click the Join button.
  5. You will have to be allowed into the call by the person who initiated the call.

A FaceTime call link will remain active until it is deleted and it has to be deleted on the device it was created on. Tap the i button next to a link and select the Delete option. As long as the link is active, anyone with the link can ask to join the call.


FaceTime is one of the best video calling tools but because it is restricted to Apple devices, it’s usefulness is limited. Given how popular video conferencing tools have become during the pandemic, Apple has a good reason to open the service up. It still hasn’t allowed a FaceTime call to be started from a non-Apple device but this is still a huge step forward. That said, it’s still highly unlikely that FaceTime will function as a full service on non-Apple devices. It’s one of Apple’s stronger selling points for its devices and it’s more secure than other services like it which is hard to enforce on hardware that Apple does not control.

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