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FadeTop Blurs The Screen To Remind You To Rest Your Eyes

I have an eye condition due to which the doctor has advised me to take a break after every 20 minutes when I am working online. Even if one does not suffer from eye problems, it is necessary to take periodic breaks to not only rest your eyes but nerves too. Unfortunately, most people get so consumed by their online activities that they forget to take a break from the computer screen. FadeTop is a visual break reminder which sends periodic reminders for taking a break after a set period of time on you screen. You can set break reminder opacity, color, fade duration, time interval, and choose a time duration after which the screen turns back to normal view. Optionally, FadeTop can be disabled where you might be running full screen applications to avoid distraction during important tasks.


Select Options from the system tray to configure your desired options. The default fade color is blue, you can change that to another color if you like. Similarly, you can set a time after which the screen fades, a fade duration, a maximum opacity level, text color, and size. Changing the opacity can help you make the faded screen more visible to avoid obstruction during work and to be able to receive a reminder without losing prominent visibility of your screen.


So if you would like to give your eyes some rest, give FadeTop a try. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download FadeTop


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