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Fidelizer Optimizes PC Performance To Run Heavy Music Workstation

Producing professional musical piece involves using a range of dedicated music software which are responsible for recording, editing, and mastering the recorded tracks with all the subtle sound variations. Many of you may already know that best track production quality with high fidelity is not attainable unless you customize your high-end system to fit the needs. Since PCs are not cut out for such heavy tweaking with layers of recorded sounds through music production software, you’d need a tool like Fidelizer to get best results out of music software you’re using. Fidelizer claims to give audiophiles exactly they want from their system running heavy music workstation.

It has 3 system optimization levels to change the system performance level according to usage of music workstation. For instance, if you’re working on some music post-production project, before launching your favorite workstation, you can switch system performance to Audiophile mode to get maximum benefit out of system resources. Likewise, Professional and Extremist modes can be used to get moderate (above average) and ultimate system performance respectively.

When any of the provided mode is turned on, it will redefine the I/O (input/output) priorities and audio related system threads as defined with chosen mode. If you choose Extremist mode, it will de-prioritize system generated threads and allocate all the system resources to your workstation running processes.  Before switching modes, do read the instruction on main interface to understand the implications.

From Optimization level pull-down menu, select the mode followed by click on Fidelize. Underneath the levels, you can choose enable or disable Network features and user experience features. However, it must be noted that this will seriously hurt the overall system performance.

fidelizer 2

Read more about it on the product page. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download Fidelizer

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