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File Killer – Portable Tool To Remove Confidential Files

We all know that removing a file using the default delete functionality in Windows leaves behind a track which allows powerful recovery tools to recover the data, thus breaching both your privacy and putting confidential data at risk. To solve this problem there are two recommended ways to delete important data; using Eraser and RightDelete, the former having more advanced functionality.

FileKiller is another such tool which is opensource and puts much weight on portability. Portable file removers can come useful if you use a public computer or a friend’s computer and want to make sure all important data is completely removed before shutting it down.

Hit Select Files to select the files(can’t select folder, only individual files) and then select the overwrite sector method. You can either use random data or blanks to overwrite the original track, X number of times – where X is the value provided by the user.


When all is ready, hit Kill Files on Grid button to delete them permanently. The process is rather fast when compared with other similar tools out there.

Download FileKiller

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. If the file is locked, then you can first unlock it using LockHunter and then force delete it using this tool.


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