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Find, Recognize & Identify Any Music Track With Audiggle

We all have experienced the irritation that comes with not being able to remember the title or artist of a particular music track playing our our speakers. Unfortunately, the ID3 tags aren’t in place either, another loss of this front. Or you’re outside, dining perhaps, and heard that tune which is so familiar yet you just can’t place it right. You may use Shazam on your handheld, but what if you don’t have a data plan? Again stuck.

Audiggle is a music discovery and recognition application for Windows. Utilizing an intelligent recognition engine against a fairly large database, this service will allow you to play and track for a few seconds and instantly get the name of the track and the artist, while much more details and related content can be found on their website.

Audiggle search

Once installed, you will be initially prompted to choose a recording line, which can be either your microphone or Audiggle default. The Audiggle default line doesn’t require the microphone, but instead reads the track being played. You can later alter this in settings. Next up would be the login window. Audiggle requires a free registration with their website, a small drawback for some users.


Enter your username and password and you’re good to go. On the next window, with any song playing, click the Search button to look that track up in Audiggle databases. Results are generally delivered in under 30 seconds, but this also depends on your internet speed. Most of the times, the accuracy was appreciable.

Audiggle main

With the search results you have the option to view lyrics for the track as well (please refer to the first screenshot). Clicking this lyrics button will take you to the Audiggle website, where you can not only view lyrics (if available) but also check out discography of the artist, their biography, concert info and tickets, and related videos as well as your search history.

Audiggle was tested by us on Windows 7 x86 OS and loved it. Do let us know your experience with it.

Download Audiggle

[via DownloadSquad]


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