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How To Fix Error 0x800f081e On Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is live on the production channel. You can get the Spring Creators Update now either via Windows Updates or the Media Creation Tool. Since there is a major new update that means only one thing; bugs and errors. We’ll obviously be covering them and their solutions as more of them surface. Right now, some users are seeing error 0x800f081e when trying to update to the Spring Creators Update. This error results in the update failing. Here’s a potential fix.

Check Error Message

Windows uses generic error codes so, if you see error 0x800f081e you need to first check the error log. Go to the following location on your PC and check the TXT file named setuperr.log. it will open with Notepad.


If the error reported is as follows, or something similar i.e., related to Windows Media Player Package, then the fix below will do the trick for you.

Operation failed: Add [1] package C:$WINDOWS.BT\FODs\DU\f5d394a9-b4f4-457c-b5f8-438a6b8e72a0\Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Package31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~.cab. Error: 0x800F081E[gle=0x000000b7]

The log file may contain other error messages and other error codes. If error 0x800f081e is listed, then try this fix.

Fix Error 0x800f081e

The error 0x800f081e has to do with the Media feature pack that you may have installed on your system, or perhaps, if you’re running Windows N, the pack comes preinstalled. To fix the problem, you need to get rid of the pack, update Windows 10 to the Spring Creators Update, and then install it back again.

To remove the media feature pack, paste the following in the location bar in the File Explorer.

Control Panel\Programs

Click ‘Turn Windows features on or off’.

Another window will open. Wait for the list of features to populate and look for Media Features in the list. Uncheck the option, click Ok, and for good measure, restart your system. You might think it’s okay to skip the restart but save yourself future pain, and restart your system.

After the restart, run the update again and it ought to go without a hitch if this error was the only thing that was holding it up. If there are other errors that are causing the update to fail, you will need to resolve those as well.

It also worth going over our post on prepping your system for an update which outlines the basic things you should do to make sure an update doesn’t fail. If that doesn’t help, you can go nuclear and do a clean install.


  1. Well done! This caused me to waste the bandwidth 4 times, and 6 hours of pc on tiem.

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