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How to fix stuck task view on Windows 10 1903

Windows 10 1903 is out and many of its bugs have been fixed. During its beta period, the Timeline had quite a few bugs related to animations and not all of them have been fixed. You may notice problems with animations with other aspects of the OS as well. These bugs aren’t going to interrupt work or anything but there seems to be one little bug where the task view gets stuck on your screen if you switch to it. The fix for the stuck task view is pretty easy. All you have to do is toggle it Off, and then back On again.

Fix stuck task view

Open the Settings app and go to the Privacy group of settings. Select the Activity history tab and scroll down to the ‘Show activities from these accounts’ switch. Turn it off, and then back on again.

Stuck task view bug

The stuck task view bug is basically this; if you switch to the task view by tapping the task view button on the taskbar, you won’t be able to exit it. Clicking an open app window, selecting a virtual desktop, clicking on an empty area, opening the Start menu, or anything else will not dismiss task view. It’s just stuck there until it decides to go away. You can try clicking random areas on your screen while it’s stuck in task view but it’s hard to tell just what makes it go away.

When you first visit task view after updating to Windows 10 1903, you will have to give the feature permission to access your activity it again. This will likely hold true for apps that need to use the mic or webcam. It’s a change that Microsoft made to Windows 10 in 1803. It is possible that the bug is a result of users having to grant the feature permission again. It may not have to do with the animation bugs that are still widely present in the new update.

If you’re wondering what the other animation bugs are, they’re mostly stray shadows appearing where they shouldn’t or sticking around too long, a few animations e.g., the file open or window minimize/maximize appear to either be glitchy or not appearing at all.

Your OS might look or feel a little less smooth after updating to 1903 but it is otherwise working fine, so far. The update has only been officially out for two days so the first month will lead to more bugs being discovered.

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