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How To Fix The Netflix Error Code U7361-1254-C00DB3B2 On Windows 10

It’s the holidays and people are going to want to binge on Netflix. If you’re on Windows 10, and have recently gotten a 4K display though, that might not be going as planned. Windows 10 users who want to watch Netflix in HD have to use either the official Netflix app, or Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, when users try to watch Netflix in 4K, it doesn’t play and instead you get the Netflix error code U7361-1254-C00DB3B2. Like most error codes, it doesn’t offer much help on how to resolve it. This error code isn’t a problem on Netflix’s end. It’s Microsoft. The company broke something in a recent routine update to Windows 10.

To be clear, if you’re trying to watch Netflix in regular, non-4K resolution, you shouldn’t have any problems. Users who encounter the Netflix error code U7361-1254-C00DB3B2 are usually watching on a 4K display.

Uninstall HEVCVideoExtension

Microsoft recently updated the HEVCVideoExtension. It’s a video compression standard that Windows 10 supports and Microsoft updates it from time to time, as needed. It was added in the Fall Creators Update.

In a recent update though, something broke which is why you’re seeing the Netflix error code U7361-1254-C00DB3B2 in both Edge and the official Netflix app. The solution is pretty simply; uninstall the HEVCVideoExtension.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apps group of settings.

Go to the Apps & features tab, and scroll down to the app search box. Search for the HEVCVideoExtension. Click it, and you will see an Uninstall button that will remove the app from your system. Uninstall it, and for good measure, restart your system. Your Netflix problems will be resolved.

You will not be able to play Netflix in 4K on your 4K monitor after removing the extension but you will be able to watch Netflix in 1080p. This is a sad trade-off but one that lets you binge in slightly lower quality. If you aren’t getting the HD quality you should, check to see if you’re getting enough bandwidth. If you use a VPN for Netflix, make sure your service of choice doesn’t restrict bandwidth for streaming media.

Side Effects

This will also effect media that you want to play in 4K quality in the TV & Movies app. You simply will not be able to play it. The good news is that in this case, there’s a work around; VLC. You can use VLC or Kodi both of which have their own independent codecs for 4K playback. The holidays have just started so you will have to wait awhile before the problem is officially resolved.


  1. I get the error code on a couple of shows everything else works fine, big shame as its been happening every few months on microsoft store Netflix app and not on safari, ie,chrome,firestick, opera, Samsung built in app and my s7 edge, why does it always have to be something from microsoft and something in the microsoft store that is always a issue, just like plex is month to month.

  2. HA! finally found something useful. Leftklick on the HEVCVideoExtension then on Reset made my netflix working in 4k again. Thanks!

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