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Folderico: Change Windows 7 Folder Icons via Context Menu

Among the first of things when Windows 7 launched, users needed a stable program which can quickly change the folder icons and restore them back to the original state in one click. So far we haven’t been able to find a really good stable app for this purpose, until today. Folderico is, in layman’s term, a brilliant one-stop solution for all the folder icon changing needs.

There are plenty of users who love to organize their folders based on priority, it also makes it easier to find a specific important folder from among hundreds of sub-folders. What better way than to change the folder icon to something more eye-candy?

Even though the number of folder icon changers are plentiful, few among them are robust, easy-to-use, and most importantly flexible with complete context menu integration.

If you hate a cluttered context menu then the best way to change the folder icons is to choose both the folder and it’s icon from the main interface. The right-click explorer windows context menu can be disabled from Options. The interface has a dead-simple layout making it easier for anyone to use.

Change Windows iconselect icon for folderchange theme

We prefer changing the folder icons quickly from the context menu. By default there are only two folder icon themes installed, each containing loads of eye-candy icons. Users can however create a new custom icon library of their own liking. Folderico saves the settings per-user so it will not effect other users on the same computer.

Users using 64-bit OS might want to wait since the current version only works on Windows 7 32-bit. The developers are however working on the 64-bit support.

Download Folderico

Editor’s Note: The app is not new, but the latest version brings complete support to Windows 7.

[via Caschy]


  1. I found this new “Folderchanger” program is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit in windows 7. It even worked on other windows types too.

    It is very easy to use, and has many interesting features for changing folder icons. It provides many colors and different looks and feel.

    google “folderchanger” to get it.   

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