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5 cool Fortnite name generator apps

Fortnite is a popular multiplayer battle royale game. Unlike PUBG, Fornite definitely veers more on the side of fun. The game can be played with friends, or random people that you’re paired with online. New content and maps for it are released periodically.

Fortnite name generator

Fortnite name generator

In Fortnite, as with many other games, users join with a name that they set for themselves. This in-game tag can be anything; your real name or something made up. It goes without saying that players get creative with their in-game tags.

If you can’t think of a unique name for yourself in Fortnite, you can try a name generator. A Fortnite name generator is a free app that will create random names that you use in the game. You can change your current name too by following this guide.

1. Name Generator

Name Generator is a universal in-game name generator i.e., its suggestions are not tailored specifically for Fortnite. It offers users quite a few options for customizing the suggestions they get e.g., a first name, an adjective, animal etc. Users can add one or more of these attributes to generate a name.

It will give you multiple suggestions based on what you’ve entered. Some of them may be basic and unavailable in the game you want to use them in. In that case you can generate additional suggestions.

2. Genr8rs for Fortnite

Genr8rs is a general name generator but it has a dedicated generator for Fortnite players. The name generator does not take any input from the user i.e., you cannot have it include a certain item/name/phrase in the name. Users can select the length of the name that is generated but little else.

Each name generation attempt gives you one name. You can generate more if you do not like the one that has been generated.

3. Plarium

Plarium is another generic name generator i.e. it doesn’t have a special Fortnite edition but, it has options for generating random names, fantasy names, clan names, superhero names, RPG names, and more. It’s worth checking out if you do not want a name that is a variation of your name and something you like.

4. Video Game Name

Video Game Name generates random names that can be used in any game. They are generally longer names. Of all the apps in this list, Video Game Name generates some truly unique ones. They are not specific to Fortnite but they’re fun and you will quickly find something that you like.

5. MMO Scoop

MMO Scoop takes a different approach to generating game tags. They are not specific to a game i.e, they do not follow Fortnite themes. Instead, the app asks what type of gamer you are in terms of temperament and will generate five names in one-go for whatever type you select. The names are fairly unique. 


Name generators that are created specifically for a game are rare. You may find some for DnD but it is rare to find them for other game, regardless of how popular the game is. Use generic game name generators and you will be able to find something suitable for Fortnite within a few minutes.

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