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Free IP Switcher Can Switch Networks Settings Easily

For all computers that have a network adapter, Windows detects networks in range for that system and provides a list of all detected network(s) when it is connected to a wireless or wired network. Whenever users switch to different wireless networks, they require changing particular IP address, gateway, subnet mask, proxy server configurations, etc. This creates the problem of remembering TCP/IP settings of every network. With Free IP Switcher you can automatically change all network settings of your system, including, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, Wins server, proxy settings and more.

Simply launch the portable Free IP Switcher application and select a network adapter to add configurations for. You can select a separate adapter and adapter settings for each set, e.g. Set 1 may contain configuration for your wireless network at work, whereas Set 2 may contain configuration for your wired office network, followed by Set 3 which can have network configurations for your home network.

Wireless Lan

Just add the required information such as IP address, subnet, gateway, etc for each set and click Activate whenever you wish to apply the configurations of a specific set. For example lets say you are at work and you use Set 1 as your network configurations for the office network. You can click Activate after going to set 1. When you come back home, you can go to the set with the home network configurations (e.g. set 2), and click Activate to change the network settings. In some cases you might not even require adding a lot of network credentials and some networks obtain IP, DNS, Default Gateway, etc, automatically from a DHCP Server of the ISP. Optionally you can ask your system or network administrator to configure the settings for you which you can apply anytime by clicking on the Activate button.

Free IP Switcher

Another issues that IP Switcher resolves is the selection of the default printer. As one might have separate printers at home and office and might wish to switch between them. For instance, when you come home from office and give a print command, your office printer might be set as your default printer and for that reason you might get an annoying error that your system was unable to locate the printer. Being able to switch the default printer with the network configurations can be quite handy to avoid such problems.If your office merely uses a proxy while you require undoing it when you come back home, then an easier solution can be Proxy Switcher.

Free IP Switcher works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Free IP Switcher


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