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How To Get Mac Style ALT+Tab Preview In Windows

ALT+Tab is a common hotkey combination for previewing active windows on the desktop. Windows and Mac both display their default icons when this hotkey is used on either of the operating systems. If you are a Mac user who recently switched to Windows or would simply like to give a more stylish look to the ALT+Tab preview, then you must try MacSwitch. It is a simple application that replaces the default Windows Alt-Tab style with the Mac OS X style.

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Simply install and run MacSwitch to replace the default ALT+Tab Windows style to Mac OS X style. To go back to the default appearance, press ALT+Tab, right-click on the dialog and select Exit. You can add the MacSwitch to the startup folder to auto start it with Windows.

Mac Switch

MacSwitch is a stylish way of viewing active windows as compared to the default Windows ALT+Tab appearance. However, one drawback is that Windows displays content of the opened windows which does not appear in the Mac style. For example, if you have opened the D drive in Computer (My Computer), it will be visible in the preview if you are using the default Windows Alt+Tab preview.

Download MacSwitch


  1. There is also a version that does show the content.

    It’s available through here: http://macstyletaskswitch.simple-url.com/

  2. In other words… the draw back is the windows version alt+tab is better than the macs version. So.. MacSwitch just makes things worse than what windows has by default.

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