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FTPbox Uses Your Host Server To Sync Files Across All PCs

In the wake of hundreds of freely available cloud based services, Dropbox is considered to be the best cloud service primarily because of convenience it brings for sharing and syncing files. But as we all know about Dropbox data security related vulnerabilities that were revealed just recently, the best alternative would be using your own host server to sync files across all the PCs. FTPbox provides live real-time synchronization between specified local folders and your server via FTP. Just like Dropbox desktop app, you can install it on your PCs to perform file synchronization seamlessly. You specify local folder and it will start syncing its content with specified server location. In similar fashion, you have to configure it on other PCs to let it automatically download and sync data from the server.

The first step is to enter the details of FTP server, such as, host name, username and password. Click Done to start the verification process. After the account details are authenticated, you will be asked to specify both local and your host server folders which are to be synced.

Once folders are specified, it will run its first sync process. You will get to see notification regarding the files which are being synced.

ftp noti

The General tab allows you to change the FTP server details and disable notifications. After the sync is completed, you can open the specified link in default browser or copy it to clipboard to share the newly uploaded files with others.

ftp box general

FTPbox is great little alternative for all the services you use to sync your data across PCs. If you’re planning to switch cloud-based data sync service, don’t forget to try it out first. It is an open source application and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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