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Fully Customize Your Desktop With Rainmeter

A while back we covered SE-DesktopConstructor, which allows customizing the look of the desktop. Rainmeter, is an even better application for adding widgets and customizing your desktop experience. It enhances the desktop with handy compact applets, which float of the desktop, along with skins that provide information such as CPU performance, clock, news feed, etc. This way users can keep an eye on their RSS feeds list, system resources, online data streams, notes, tweets and do much more from the desktop.

With Rainmeter, you can add and drag around sidebar gadgets to your liking with a large range of available options. These gadgets can also be made transparent to avoid any obstruction in viewing the desktop.


Different Rainmeter skins can be downloaded and installed from the Rainmeter website. These skins provide different options that can be used to easily customize the look of your desktop.


To add/remove gadgets or configure settings, right-click on the Rainmeter skin and choose the appropriate options. From here, you can set variants, change skin, edit skin parameters, change skin position, add widgets (for battery power, clock, disk, RSS feeds, network performance, memory, weather, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and much more.


Rainmeter is a comprehensive desktop customization and management application that provides various methods to not just display important information on your desktop, but also makes it unobtrusive. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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