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Gameplay Time Tracker – Record Game Stats for Offline And Online Games

Gameplay Time Tracker (as the name suggests) is an application for tracking the amount of time a user spends on a particular game and displays the achievements acquired during the gameplay (e.g. the user’s score). The developer has mentioned that he has developed this application for people who may be willing to track the amount of time they are spending on a particular game. Gameplay Time Tracker gathers game play data by recording the mouse usage and keyboard key strokes. A log of your achievements is recorded over a period of time in the form of graphs and histograms. It also helps hardcore gamers to compare their gameplay completion time for improving their score, parents who may be willing to monitor their children’s gaming activity, as well as Raptr and Xfire users who want to track their game stats offline.

Gameplay Time Tracker can be set to record stats for multiple games by simply adding the EXE file of the game from Game Detection tab. You can specify browser-based games and add exception to games which you do not wish to track from the adjacent tabs.

Add Games

The Settings tab allows you to change interface language, select user data location (for saving game stats), display balloon tips from the system tray for displaying game stats, change overlay window containing the game timer, and to enable/disable keys which you would like to exclude from being recorded for determining game score.


Added games can also be placed in separate categories to help you refine your installed games. You can edit, add and remove groups via right-click context menu.


To start recording stats, head over to the system tray, select the name of the game which you are about to launch (from Start the game option) and initiate your game play.


Once your gameplay is completed, you can see the game’s name, developer’s name, last run time, full runtime, last interactive runtime and score (mouse pointer movement, mouse wheel rotation, game controller button stats, etc).


To get an overview of your daily stats in the form of a graph or histogram, head over to the Daily Statistics tab.


Gameplay Time Tracker works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Gameplay Time Tracker


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