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Get Windows 7 Taskbar Interface For Windows XP

If you are one of those users who refuse to upgrade from Windows XP, then this post is for you. ViGlance can port Windows 7 superbar to Windows XP without any fuss. All you need to do is to extract the archive, run the installer and follow the procedures in the video given at the end of this post.

This can be useful for those people who use netbooks, since Windows XP takes less resource, you can now get Windows 7 like superbar in it for free. Even if you are on your desktop or laptop using Windows XP, its always good to have a Windows 7 look and feel.

viglance - windows 7 taskbar in xp

Above photo is taken from developer’s website

You will be surprised to see how much it works and acts like Windows 7. There is one thing you need to note before installing it on XP. To get 48×48 icons(which are default in superbar) to work properly, you will need to unlock the taskbar, double it’s size by stretching it upwards and then lock it again. You can notice this in the screenshot above but the developer has not explained it on his website.

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to install and use it.


Download ViGlance

It works only on Windows XP, up to Service Pack 3. Enjoy!

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