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GOM Player – Best Alternative to VLC Media Player

If you are using VLC media player, I recommend that you have a look at GOM Player. It is a player that offers more  features and options than VLC media player, thus giving users more control to customize it. I was looking for  an alternative to VLC player because there were not enough options in VLC to satisfy me and also because it could not play few formats. If GOM does not support a video format, it can help us find and then download a plugin for that video.

GOM Player supports many file formats such as AVI, MPEG, DAT, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV. Users don’t have to install the codecs separately, it can also play corrupted and incomplete AVi files by skipping the damaged frames. This makes the GOM the most reliable player out there.

After installation, GOM player starts a Configuration Wizard which is very helpful for it can set the preferences depending on different modes.


After you have selected the mode, it then takes you to Codec Settings, from here you can select the Internal Codecs and Speaker Settings.


After you have selected the settings, it then takes you to Extension Settings, here you can select the extension you want GOM Player to play.


After selecting the extensions, it then further asks you to select the Subtitle’s font size and System Priority (I recommend that you select “Normal System Priority).


After completing this step, it will show a last box telling you that the configuration is complete.


Clicking on Preferences will take you to tons of options(more than VLC player).


The player is very lightweight and does not crash at all. Believe me, I am addicted to this player now. I use GOM player to watch movies and VLC player for music.

What do you think about this player? Do you think it is the best alternative for VLC? Looking forward for your comments and feedbacks.

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