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GOM Player – Best Alternative to VLC Media Player

If you are using VLC media player, I recommend that you have a look at GOM Player. It is a player that offers more  features and options than VLC media player, thus giving users more control to customize it. I was looking for  an alternative to VLC player because there were not enough options in VLC to satisfy me and also because it could not play few formats. If GOM does not support a video format, it can help us find and then download a plugin for that video.

GOM Player supports many file formats such as AVI, MPEG, DAT, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV. Users don’t have to install the codecs separately, it can also play corrupted and incomplete AVi files by skipping the damaged frames. This makes the GOM the most reliable player out there.

After installation, GOM player starts a Configuration Wizard which is very helpful for it can set the preferences depending on different modes.


After you have selected the mode, it then takes you to Codec Settings, from here you can select the Internal Codecs and Speaker Settings.


After you have selected the settings, it then takes you to Extension Settings, here you can select the extension you want GOM Player to play.


After selecting the extensions, it then further asks you to select the Subtitle’s font size and System Priority (I recommend that you select “Normal System Priority).


After completing this step, it will show a last box telling you that the configuration is complete.


Clicking on Preferences will take you to tons of options(more than VLC player).


The player is very lightweight and does not crash at all. Believe me, I am addicted to this player now. I use GOM player to watch movies and VLC player for music.

What do you think about this player? Do you think it is the best alternative for VLC? Looking forward for your comments and feedbacks.

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  • The problem is that GOM does not support Linux. About 20% of users are on Linux at this time. The VLC are developed by the OSS community.

    Now users move from XP to Ubuntu, and do not want to use Vista. Why should they choose GOM? VLC is better choice for Linux and Mac users.

    I used to use GOM years ago, but now I’m using Ubuntu, so I forget about GOM.

    Have fun

  • Worry not falleaf, Ubuntu tips are coming soon. 😉

  • ryan

    I prefer VLC. It has better format support and is open source. GOM requires you to purchase a Microsoft windows & dvd player license if you wish to watch DVD’s. This costs hundreds of dollars. Ubuntu + VLC is free.

  • Steve

    Does the world really need another media player? There are already MPlayer and VLC on Linux which both do a great job, and GOM does not even support Linux. And if the Ubuntu 'tip' that is to follow is about using WINE then I'm not interested.

  • Brian

    Does VLC run on Windows 7?

  • Brian

    Does VLC run on Windows 7?

  • Brian

    Does VLC run on Windows 7?

    • anon

      yes it does…


    GOM is a dud, Wont work under Wine without a work thru. Stay with the old faithfuls, use your installers and they shall work, UNLIKE GOM…..
    Promises so much. delivers NOTHING.

  • Thanks for such a nice review, GOM player can also used to check the quality of the movies downloaded via torrents.

    For more info check this link


    • Phoney

      your the same person who wrote the article

      • Hariharakumar

        Yes, after reading the review on this page, i tried GOM player for playing movies downloaded via torrents and it worked out to some extent.

  • asdf

    One what are you doing that you do not have enough options with VLC; and second what files are you using that cannot be used by VLC?

    • nica

      most of the probs with vlc is it isn’t a good player for MKV or AVI.

  • asdf

    O something i forgot, i really think this person just wrote this article because they are advertising for GOM. after looking at it there is nothing that it does better.

  • shazy

    GOM player is best best player i ever used. i am using it for 2 years. i have tried other players like VLC,KMplayer,BSplayer,Zoom … etc. But GOM is best. Especially it is best for video effects, subtitles and it allows forwarding by key-frame which results in smooth play.

  • max

    First, I never really liked MPC, and now, with this incompatibility nonsense with Windows 7, it’s out of the market, at least until they come up with a solution. And the UI… well, even the simplistic VLC goes way out of the ordinary in comparison. That said, I’ve used GOM and VLC for years. No need to say they beat the hell out of WMP. But the people from GOMLab claim that GOM player has native support for everything, which is simply not true. Personally, I find it very annoying when I try to play some video (nothing fancy, just some AVI, MPEG or MP4) and GOM says I don’t have the proper codec and it needs to go and look for it. And install it! More clutter to the already third party software infested Windows. Yes, WINDOWS. Say what you will, Windows 7 is good. One can always find problems and faults, but for some reason Windows has prevailed over the years. Apple INVENTED the PC, for God’s sake, and fell immediately behind. Linux is supposed to be very good, but let’s face it: open source OS is only a source for compatibility issues. Makes you wonder. Anyway, back to the issue: GOM is good. Very good. But the codec nag is more than unnecessary. Native support should imply that I don’t need to download anything to make it work, and that’s where VLC comes in. The only defect I find in VLC is the tweaking of the innumerable options; while it’s very flexible, it’s actually kind of complicated, without a proper manual to explain all about them. Someone should make a manual for VLC, because it’s very complicated and annoying having to search all the forums about it just to get something adjusted that solves some simple issue that’s making you crazy. And, let’s face it, there’s a lot of rubbish in those forums. I would love to do it, but I just don’t have the time to make a full comprehensive manual. GOM wins the options race, being simple and easy to use. And the UI, of course, provided you use a decent skin. So, which one of the two? Hard to say. Both free, both good. Both different, and that’s the real problem. Why don’t they work together, merge the good and strip the bad out of them? All in all, VLC approaches the “one program” solution to playing media.

  • Well, this is ridiculous… Try to know with SHOW TRAFFIC and ZONEALARM what Gom Play does when you launch before writing that kind of news… It sends you Norton Ad without asking permission…. Pfffff Stupid Geek

  • fanfan

    I was just wondering if there are any black people posting in here ?

    • Tech Guy

      Yeah, I’m black fool! What was a question like that? Black folks also have random technical questions and needs. Please tell me this was a joke, a weird joke?

  • Kris Merckx

    It’s only available for Windows, not open source… VLC has superb options for streaming video and audio. I even use it as a streaming home server.

  • Tech Guy

    Thanks original poster for your suggestions though re: the gom player. I’m still gonna compare it to a few other VLC alternatives out there though before making my final decision. Been using VLC for years now and would like to try something new soon.

    Thanks again.

  • Tabraiz Khan

    In my opinion i sugest you Use GOM player i tested on Acer veriton 3900pro Core2due 1.8, 2Gb Ram, 500 Gb hard, 256 VGA card, 0.0 cache,
    It is better then VLC player before GOM player i daily use VLC player for HD movies, Low quality movies, songs, HD songs
    It’s give me error or crashed & taking to much memory, then i found a GOM player no add i installed & use it .. Starting Time 11:00PM to 7:00AM whole day watching Avatar the last airbender & i just love it & i’m also working on office, corel, scaning my computer with Eset 5.0, downloading from IDm also useing Seep bit video acclerator, & many more apps working on my pc @ same time
    Guys i totally agree with GOM player Just install & use it…
    Thanks for learning this.