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Google Books Downloader – Download Google Books Marked As ‘Full View’

Are you tired of using desktop tools which often fail to download digital books from Google Books in PDF and in image formats due to copyright issues and other imposed restrictions? Contrasting to Picasa which lets you download photos without any restrictions, Google Books Service doesn’t permit users to download full and free digital editions of books without digital copy protection. If you’re looking for an application which can remove such restrictions while letting you seamlessly download free electronic books from Google Books, you can try Google Books Downloader. It’s a tiny portable application which not only downloads Google Books in PDF format but can convert pages into JPG format.

The only thing it takes to download book is the URL Link of the book provided by Google Books service.

copy link 3

Just paste the link and hit Start to begin the downloading process.

book download 2

By default, it saves books in PDF format, however, you can change the Output Format to JPG before clicking Start.

google books downloader

It’s worth mentioning here that Google Books Downloader can download only those books which are marked as Full View. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Google Books Downloader

Mac users can check out previously covered Google Book Downloader (Similar tool with the same name).

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  • Melissa

    GooReader is another similar title. That one lets you keep a library of your favourite books and you can search within a title for the exact page if you need to.

    • andrew

      but you can only download/print if you buy the $20 version – and the purchasing option does not work on the website.

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  • John K

    HitmanPro detected a ‘keylogger’ within this program.

  • Mendy

    i just have no idea what’s happening. it shows “Status: downloading table” for about 30m and then i’ve no patience to wait anymore… it’s win7+firefox

  • Engl

    bogus soft……

  • rocky

    hey please send me key for google book downloader plzzz its urgent. please send it to my mail id

  • George

    Retrieving a book for half an hour. Shitware

    • andrew

      sounds like a failure of your internet, not the program. Shitcomment.

  • Arrogthor

    I have no problems with this app.  I just downloaded it from Google, because I was having trouble using their usual downloader.  My problem is that this one is slower, and does not let you download epub formated books.

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  • malay

    i have download GBD but its not work properly. it is not download full book, but it’s download some portion only

  • Kyle

    Be warned there’s a malware hidden in the installer software

  • rahma

    kenapa setelah di download dan stiap terakhir terdownload ada tulisan done?? dan setiap kali di klik done tertutp dan tidak bisa ditampilkan sbnrya salahnya dmn >>?????

  • Kristoffer

    Great program thanks!

  • panchua

    5 malwares auto installed… what a quality software ! thank you addictivetips !

  • Patel Dhaval

    After download Google book some pages are missed .