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How To Factory Reset The Second Generation Chromecast

The second generation Chromecast differs from the first generation in many ways and one of the major differences lies in its designs. The second generation Chromecast has a more solid streamlined look but if you’re upgrading from the first generation to the second one, the one thing you will notice right away is that a certain button is missing on the new device. The button, present on first generation devices, allowed users to manually reset their device to factory settings. You can just imagine how important it was. With it no longer part of the second generation device, you might be wondering how you can reboot or factory reset the second generation Chromecast. Here’s how.

We assume you have the Chromecast all set-up. The second generation Chromecast requires you have the official Chromecast app installed on your desktop or mobile device in order to set it up so we assume you have the app installed on either a desktop or a mobile device. The app is how you will factory reset the device.

Chromecast Factory Reset – Desktop

On your desktop, open the Chromecast app and wait for it to load your device. Click the Settings button and scroll down past the name, network, and language and location settings. You will see two buttons; Reboot Chromecast and Factory Reset Chromecast. Click the factory reset button to reset the device from your desktop.

Chromecast App

Chromecast Factory Reset – Mobile

If you’ve set the Chromecast using either an iOS or Android device, open the Chromecast app on said device and select your Chromecast from the Devices tab. Tap the more options button at the top of the device and select ‘Device Settings’ from the menu. On the setting page, tap the more options button at the top right of this page and a pop-up menu will appear. The menu will have options for rebooting and resetting the device.

chromecast-settings  chromecast-reset

Once you factory reset the Chromecast, you will need to set it up again. The reboot option simply restarts your device and doesn’t require you to set it up all over again.

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