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How To Login, Access, And Manage Multiple Gmail User Accounts With A Firefox Addon

Do you have more than one Gmail account and would like to manage them in a same place. Logging in to different Gmail accounts over and over again just won’t work since it consumes too much of time. If you are using two different browsers such as IE and Firefox then you can open two separate Gmail accounts respectively, but this doesn’t make any sense. If you are using Firefox, then there is an add-on called Gmail Manager that lets you manage more than one Gmail account easily.

Apart from it’s default multiple Gmail account management, it also shows notifications in case you receive an email in any of your account. Once you have installed the add-on, you won’t find much change in your browser except that you will find a little grayed out Gmail icon on the right side of your status bar.

gmail icon firefox

Click this icon to begin adding a Gmail account, once you click this icon, a Gmail Manager Preferences screen will pop-up as shown in the screenshot below.

Gmail Manager Preferences

If you don’t want it to remember your Gmail password, you can check the Never Save Passwords For Mail Accounts checkbox under Security. Click the Add button, enter your Gmail account details and click OK.

adding gmail account

Once you have added an account, you can add more accounts that you would like to manage. You can then select various options by going to Toolbar and Notification  tabs, once done, click OK.

gmail manager toolbar

Now look again on the bottom-right side of your browser and you will find your account signed in, move your mouse over it to see full details.

gmail logged in firefox addon

Right-click this icon and select the account that you would like to access.

gmail firefox addon context menu

This powerful Firefox add-on is one of my favorite and I highly recommend it to those looking forward to manage multiple Gmail accounts. One of the best feature that I like in this add-on is the ability to show a small preview of an email without going over to the website. Enjoy!

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