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How To Open A Folder In New Process In Windows 7

In order to save system’s resources, the upcoming Windows 7 opens all folders in the single process, i.e. all open folders are being controlled by single explorer.exe process. But there is a huge problem, if  one open folder crashes then all your open folders will get closed too. The solution to this problem is to open any particular folder in separate process. But please note if you will use this feature frequently then your systems overall performance might get reduced.

Before we being, let me first show that I have couple of folders opened and they are being controlled by single explorer.exe as shown in followings screenshot of Windows Task Manager.


The trick is very simple, just hold down the shift key and right click the folder you want to open in new process and choose Open in new process.


Now the particular folder will be controlled by separate process and you will be able to see second explorer.exe running in Windows Task Manager now.


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