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Identify Colors Detected From Mouse Cursor With Colorblind Assistant

People suffering from color blindness cannot always differentiate between different elements of applications and webpages that are in green or red shades, including both text and background color. Most applications, which are designed to reduce the color effects, cater for only some types of color blindness. This means that users end up having to manually adjust color intensity to suit their needs. We earlier covered an application known as Washer, which helped reduce this problem. This time we have another useful application for people suffering from color blindness, labelled Colorblind Assistant. It detects colors from your mouse pointer by providing you with a written name of the color on which your cursor is placed. Moreover, it also provides other useful data about the color, such as the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) values, bar graphs, brightness and saturation. The utility comes with a zoom pane for fine pixel detection.

Colorblind Assistant sits in the system tray after being launched, and has a small 192×128 window that you can easily use alongside your regular applications, without any obstructions. The below screenshots demonstrate the utility of Colorblind Assistant and the data it provides about the color detected from the cursor.


Colorblind Assistant can be particularly of great help to professionals and other kind of enthusiasts who require dealing with the red and green color as apart of their important activities and suffer from color blindness. Some examples include people who require editing videos, creating graphics, gamers, etc. For example, a weapon labeled in red or green color maybe of vital importance for a gamer, but he might not be able to see that color due to his/her color blindness. Moving the cursor on the weapon and seeing the color name can help such gamers get extra gaming points. Colorblind Assistant works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Colorblind Assistant


  1. I’m so happy to have found this from being on your emailing list! It’s an extreme benefit to use this app and will change the way I use my PC, such as sorting and customizing. Thanks guys!

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