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IETweak 2.0 Enables Tab Groups In IE9, Brings More Tools And Security Settings

If you’ve been using previously featured IETweak9 to tweak Internet Explorer 9, it’s time to upgrade from previous version to the latest IETweak 2.0. If you’ve just started using Internet Explorer 9 because of UI related features,  IETweak9 will take interface related customizations to a whole new level. IETweak 2.0, in contrast to previously covered 1.0 version, provides one additional option under Internet Explorer 9 User Interface section, which is Enable Tab Groups to allow grouping of tabs in respective categories, and offers a revamped Security with a newly added Search Provider section to tinker around with IE 9 default security settings and to manage search providers list, respectively.

TweakIE9 - 1

Apart from Make Special IE9 Shortcuts options, it adds three extremely useful features in TweakIE Tools sections, namely, IE9 Features <Meta> tag Generator, Delete Browsing History, and Make Custom Search Provider. The meta tag generator lets you colorize the back and forward navigation buttons for your websites.

tweakie 9

Unlike IETweak 1.0, the latest version allows you to make 4 different shortcuts from Make Special IE 9 Shortcut feature. The Make Custom Search Provider comes handy for users who want to bring another search provider to Internet Explorer 9 search provider list. You just have to enter Publisher, Display name, Favicon path, search and suggestion URL to create a new search provider option.

custom search options 3

Under Security, you will find pop menu manager, Tracking protection List Exceptions, ActiveX Filtering and ActiveX Exceptions options. The pop-up menu allows you to specify a list of websites for which you want to allow pop-ups. Tracking Protection List Exception enables you to add websites into website filtering exception list.

pop up manager

You can now head over to product page to check out complete documentation of new features that IETweak 2.0 offer. It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported

Download IETweak9 2.0


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