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Install Language Packs In Windows 7 Home, Home Premium & Professional

One of the limitations of Windows 7 Home, Home Premium and Professional additions is that they don’t allow the installation and addition of language packs by default. The flexibility to use multiple languages is restricted only to Enterprise and Ultimate editions of the OS, where users can simply grab the language pack through Windows Update. Vistalizator solves this problem for users running these ‘stripped down’ versions of Microsoft’s latest operating system.


With this tool, you can grab the language packs from the internet (download links can be found by clicking Help) and just point the program at them by clicking “Add languages”. You can also change or remove languages with a single click.

Vistalizator is a free and portable tool which weighs in at only 947 KB. It is easy to use and adds a useful missing feature for users of Windows 7 running Home and Professional editions.

Download Vistalizator

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  • PCSoftwareGuides

    tnx for this man…post is very helpful…will try this one as soon as i uses windows 7..

  • Nice man! Nice tool..It works 100%…

  • rawaz

    Vistalizator does not work when I try to install it say oops an ecxeption occured get bcd object
    class e range error
    message range check error
    Please help me how can I change windows language from Dansk to English
    there is not windows update option available
    and language pack not work
    I have Hp HDX 16
    windows 7 home premium sp1

    • Dr.Chikna

      Microsoft kiked out Vistalizator with SP1 update
      Remove SP1 then use Vistalizator it will work

  • Tech n Stuffs

    I see that Ultimate is not included. Doesn’t it support Windows 7 Ultimate? Thanks Tech n Stuffs

    • JustHelping

       You don’t need the vistalizator when you already have windows 7 ultimate

  • Dr.Chikna

    Microsoft kiked out Vistalizator with SP1 update remove SP1 then use Vistalizator it will work

  • Jefferson16

    ultimate already has all language packs on windows update!

  • Shagir

    ned link for arabic language pack for windows 7 home premium