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Isteg – Hide File Inside An Image

Here is a clever trick. If you are looking to hide an important file then what better way than hiding a file inside an image?

Ofcourse this method will not encrypt and password protect the file but at least it will be hidden from most people. Technically there are two steps of securing the files, hide and encrypt(password protect).

Isteg is a free tool that takes care of the first step. According to the developer it is generally suited towards hiding archive files inside images. All you have to do is select an image and the file that you need to hide, click Hide It button and you are done.


It will create another exact image with the file embedded inside hidden from the world. The image size will obviously increase but it won’t doubt many people if the image is rather large and of good quality, since people will assume that the large size of the image makes sense.

To access the hidden file, rename the extension of the image and double-click it to open. For example if I have hidden a RAR archive inside an image, then I will change the name from File.jpg to File.rar and easily access the files.

Download Isteg

It is a portable tool and works on all versions of Windows. There is also an add-on for Firefox called FireSteg that hides the files inside an image. Safe Calculator is another tool that can hide a file inside a portable calculator. Enjoy!


  1. And how to extract the embedded file? Renaming it to 7z, zip or rar does not work, it says “the file is corrupted”…

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