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Joulemeter Measures Power Consumption Of Your System

Joulemeter is a free utility from Microsoft Research which is designed to determine the power consumption of your system. It tracks HDD, monitor, motherboard, CPU power consumption by calibrating each unit strength. The process includes a complete check of computer resources which primarily includes CPU utilization and display brightness.

For calibrating the resources with precision, it is recommended to run your system on battery (in case of laptop). Run the calibrator to find out the related information. Input requirements are minimal, you can specify the monitor setup and server.


Once Calibration test is finished, you can now run the Joulemeter application that lists down the test results depending upon different scales. Power Consumption section refers to Base Power, CPU, Disk, Monitor and accumulative power that needs to run the system. The Statistics section displays Time Slept and Time Awake.


The application serves in finding out the minimal power resources that you need to run your system. It sits in the system and updates the statistics along with other power consumption relevant information. It runs on all Windows based OS, our testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Joulemeter


  1. Great tool!

    The only way I knew to check the power drain before was through the Performance Monitor which is inconvenient and the data hard to interpret.

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