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LANoi Pro: Use Windows 7 Build-in Features To Connect Computers

In Windows 7 you can create Windows Desktop Connection, Windows Remote Assistance, and Windows Media Streaming without any complication. But every time a user comes across IP addresses, ports, and router port forwarding, he/she finds it to be too complex. LANoi Pro is developed for such users.

All this app does is to cleverly integrate the already given features in Windows 7 without worrying about complex networking and port forwarding. By using p2p technology, it can connect the computers over Internet just like they are connected over LAN.

It works just like any other free VPN service out there, you need to create a network and it will generate a file. Give this file to the user on the other end and make sure he enters the correct password. That’s all.

Give the network session a name, choose the session type and it’s expiry date.

Network Session Manager

Select where to generate a file(don’t forget to give it a name) and select a strong password.

Add Network

The screenshot below shows Windows Remote Assistant and the file generated.

Lanio pro

The user on the other end will have to open the file, type his computer name(for better understanding), and enter the correct password.

Join Network

The connection will be established instantly. It is targeted towards novice users who want to quickly create a connection without having to set up a proper network. There are many other similar tools out there but the only advantage of this app is that it’s free and makes full use of build-in Windows features.

Download LANoi Pro

It works on all versions of Windows, but we have tested it so far on Windows 7 only.


  1. Not only for THIS article, but for ALL articles on this web site: PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT SOMETHING IS FOR WIN7 WHEN, IN FACT, IT WILL ALSO WORK ON OTHER WINDOWS VERSIONS (like almost certainly, in most cases, Vista… but even on XP much of the time).

    I cannot believe the Win7 elitism around here! PLEASE STOP IT!

    • We clearly mentioned that it works on all versions of Windows. But people want to know on which OS we have tested it, so we mention our operating system too.

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