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Lock Your Keyboard And Mouse With KeyFreeze

KeyFreeze is a application that allows users to lock their keyboard and mouse in order to avoid others from messing up the computer. For example, it is a common problem that small children often play with the keyboard and mouse, which results in unwanted commands being executed. KeyFreeze can also be useful during voice chats and when watching movies on your computer. In this case one can avoid accidentally hanging up the call or closing the media player by accidentally pushing a keyboard key or the mouse button. The application is quite easy to unlock with a simple Ctrl+Alt+Del –> Esc command.

To lock your system, simply start KeyFreeze (from the start menu or a desktop shortcut). A five second prompt will appear before locking your keyboard and mouse. To unlock the keyboard and mouse or avoid locking it (when KeyFreeze starts), hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, followed by the Esc key.


After the application is unlocked, its interface remains active (unless closed), you can lock the keyboard and mouse anytime by clicking on the Lock Keyboard and Mouse button.


KeyFreeze works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download KeyFreeze


  1. I’m looking simple freeware to lock laptop keyboard/mouse while I work with external keyboard.

  2. useless – after the 5 seconds the keyfreeze window minimizes AND brings up the taskbar… so you can’t watch fullscreen. did the designer ever use it?

    • I’m sure you can also watch a movie and have an uninterrupted voice chat on Skye with (windows key+L)?

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