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Make 32-bit Applications Utilize 4GB Virtual Memory In 64-bit Systems

4GB Patch is a miniscule application which can be used to patch x86 compatible applications’ executables, so they can gain more than 2GB of virtual memory in x64 systems. It is utterly useful for applications which need a great amount of system’s virtual memory such as, high FPS games, 3D renderization, multimedia tools, etc. If you are dealing with high-resolution graphics, animations, or planning to play a hefty game, just create a patch through it to utilize full system virtual memory.

Since an expert can tweak with application’s executable file to gain more than 2GB of virtual memory in x64 system, this tool offers an easy way to achieve this by automating the lengthy & complex process. To begin, launch the application and just specify the executable file which is to be patched.

4gb 1

The time it takes to patch depends upon the size of selected executable file. Once done, it will prompt you to add another file, indicating that specified file has been patched successfully.

4gb 2

It automatically creates a backup of the executable file, so users can retain the original file back anytime.


The application is designed for Windows platform. Works great on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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