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Make 32-bit Applications Utilize 4GB Virtual Memory In 64-bit Systems

4GB Patch is a miniscule application which can be used to patch x86 compatible applications’ executables, so they can gain more than 2GB of virtual memory in x64 systems. It is utterly useful for applications which need a great amount of system’s virtual memory such as, high FPS games, 3D renderization, multimedia tools, etc. If you are dealing with high-resolution graphics, animations, or planning to play a hefty game, just create a patch through it to utilize full system virtual memory.

Since an expert can tweak with application’s executable file to gain more than 2GB of virtual memory in x64 system, this tool offers an easy way to achieve this by automating the lengthy & complex process. To begin, launch the application and just specify the executable file which is to be patched.

4gb 1

The time it takes to patch depends upon the size of selected executable file. Once done, it will prompt you to add another file, indicating that specified file has been patched successfully.

4gb 2

It automatically creates a backup of the executable file, so users can retain the original file back anytime.


The application is designed for Windows platform. Works great on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download 4GB Patch


  1. What a gem. I installed it on Age of Mythology Titans and the game loads in like a second or two now compared to maybe 8-10 before. Firefox also opens quicker though I don’t know if it will cause problems or not.

    • kane,

      I am curious, how many gigs of ram do you have on you system? I have 12 Gigs and will try this myself on some 32-bit programs.

    • @kane. This is kinda OT but have you tried the firefox (minefield) x64 nightly builds that have been built lately? With the Flash square x64 it runs great for me…

  2. Watch out using this with games, as lots of games check the executable file to make sure its not pirated or cracked to enable cheating. This will definitely set off triggers for both.

    • Actually Daniel has just released a fixed version (as of today Nov 12 2011) of 4gb_patch.exe that re-calculates the PE checksum. This will not cure everything tho, but it will suffice for the vast majority of use cases. The old (2007) program just changed the LMA status bit, and this caused checksum errors for quite a few programs.

      Not all executables care about the PE checksum tho. One example is fs9.exe the main loader for Flight Simulator 2004. There is a “no CD” crack going around since years ago that has an incorrect checksum and still works fine …

      … and the new 4gb_patch.exe both sets the Large Memory Aware flag, and re-calculates the PE checksum for it. Which is nice. We like neatness 🙂

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