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Mark Folder As Favorite To Save It For Quick Access In Windows 7

Even though millions of users are using Windows 7, very few are aware of the build-in bookmark feature which can be found in Windows Explorer. This feature is called Favorites which allow a user to mark any directory as favorite so that it can quickly accessed later. In layman’s term, this feature works like Bookmarking.

You will find the Favorites section on the left sidebar of your Windows Explorer. To begin, first visit the folder that you want to bookmark, right-click Favorites, and from the context menu click Add current location to Favorites (as shown in the screenshot below).

When performing the above steps, make sure that you are actually inside the folder that you want to save to favorites.

add location to favorities

When done, you will find the folder listed under the Favorites tree.

Favorites Folder

Now the next time you want to access this folder quickly, you can do so from the left sidebar. It’s that easy!

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  • Riku

    OMG.. Ive been wanting to know how to do this!!! You are awesome!!

  • Christos Varlamis

    I would like the MARKER FOLDER PLS

  • Taylor

    Why should this require a google search to figure out?  Right click the folder you are on and add to favorites is obvious and the way other folder interactions work.  “its that easy!”  Brain-dead product managers and developers.

  • ravi


  • Ian

    Sorry, but microsoft got this wrong. You should right click the folder name and there should be an “add to favourites” option in a pick list.

  • thestanger…..fuck

    and it should be marked as added to favorites
    Coz you might move or rename it
    -then it cant be found in favorites

  • Ryno Tusks

    That’s what’s up! Thank you

  • Anton Vlasenko

    I’ve been following this way until I discovered “FileMarker” software.

    It made organizing part of my work easy as it is.