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Measure Performance Of Your Hardware With Windows Experience Index In Windows 7

It is very important that you must have good analysis of your system and that you should run only those applications which suit your hardware specifications. Windows Experience Index is one the most popular tool which lets you measure performance of the key hardware components like processor, memory, graphics chip, primary hard disk, etc. It rates your computer’s hardware on a numbered scale and thus, on the basis of this information, you need to pair your system with the software that will run best on your machine. It was originally introduced in Windows Vista but has been enhanced to a lot of extent in Windows 7. The range of the score has been increased from 1.0-7.9 because of the the improvements made in various hardware components.

Lets explore it more, you can launch it from Start > Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools, here is screenshot showing how it looks when launched.


You will be able to see results of your hardware test in a tabular format, where you will find Components, What is rated, Subscore, and Base Score. The base score and subscores are used to express the level of performance and on the basis of this result you will be able to decide which programs to run on your system. Normally a base score of 1.0 doesn’t mean that you have a bad computer, if you have base score greater than 3 then it means that your machine is capable of running programs that demand more system resources. Base score is calculated on the basis of Subscore.

If you want to re-run the hardware assessment test for your system, you can do it by clicking Re-run the Assessment option located in the bottom of the dialogue box, you can also print the results of Windows Experience Index. Apart from displaying the score it also provides user some tips to improve their system performance. Enjoy!

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