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MenuMaid: Clean Up IE & Windows Explorer’s Context Menu Items

We posted method to add and remove items from Windows Explorer right-click context menu, we also explained how users can clean up Internet Explorer 8’s context menu. Another important tip was to remove junk items from the Windows Explorer’s “New” menu. So what is left now? Basically adding and removing 3rd party items from Windows Explorer right-click context menu requires registry hack, but Context Menu Editor takes care of it.

All that remains is to make it easier to remove 3rd party items from the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer’s context menu without having to mess up with the registry. MenuMaid is a utility that takes care of this task.

It has a simple interface with two tabs; Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. Under each tab you will find items that are added in the right-click context menu, uncheck any item and it will be removed from the context menu. Simple as that!


MenuMaid Windows Explorer Context Menu

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download MenuMaid


  1. Nice tip, but it only removed about 2 or 3 items, it didn’t even show most of the items that are on my explorer context menu. There has to be another location these things are hiding.

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